Sunday, January 1, 2012

December TF Trades

12/8 TF Trades

Only one long entry today after missing the morning action.  Stop for a loss.

12/9 TF Trades

Again a difficult day.  Market trended higher all day and left me attempting to wait for momentum to slow.  One short entry for break  I took a couple scalps long for small profit.

12/12 TF Trades

Short entry near the open for a small winner. Long for small winner.  Short for a stop. Long for small winner and then a really nice short trade followed by a really nice long trade near end of day.  Sometimes a lack of market movement after a big move can cause feelings of  "I missed the move" and a belief that jumping in is the right thing to do.  It never is the right thing to do.  Always wait for your entry.  

12/13 TF Trades

Technically the morning short should not be taken since the channel was not broken, but I took it.  I saw heavy resistance above after a strong overnight move and believed it was worth the risk.  While I do believe in always following your rules, I also believe you can still take trades that don't meet all of your criteria AS LONG AS your stop never changes.  11AM short for a small winner followed by a very nice end of day short.

12/14 TF Trades

Attempted short for a stop, then attempted long for a stop, then a nice short which worked well and a long for a small profit. Another nice long presented itself and two more nice shorts to make the day very profitable.

12/15 TF Trades

Short entry for a nice win. Two longs for nice wins.  A short for a stop.  Another short for a break even. 

12/16 TF Trades

Nice long in the morning, but missed it.  Hung out down by the dots for too long and pulled this one.  Good example of not over analyzing tick movement.  Very nice short set up around 10AM which was extremely profitable.  Put the full short back on at the dots again for another nice gain.  Took a long around 12:35 for small win. Ended the day with a couple break evens.

12/19 TF Trades

Frustrating morning.  Break even, stop, missed down move, then another break even.  And then finally a nice winner in the afternoon.  Patience is a virtue.

12/20 TF Trades

Okay this was a hard day.  When strong trend days occur they often defy logic.  Market continues in one direction without ever looking back and it becomes better to follow trend and sit back. Unfortunately I did not do this.  I took a short for a stop, another short for a stop, a long for a break even and then a long for a winner to finish the day slightly in the green.  Finishing a day like today in the green is an accomplishment for me.

12/21 TF Trades

Nothing notable.  A couple winners, a couple break evens and 1 stop.  Nice afternoon up trend made my day.

12/22 TF Trades

Short for a winner, break even, and a short for a small winner. Volume very light....

12/23 TF Trades

Volume non-existent.  Tried a long a quick buck and reversed trade short but took a stop.  Finished day slightly in green but nothing exciting.

12/28 TF Trades

Nice morning shorty.  Long around noon for a small gain. 

12/29 TF Trades

No comment.  Brain on vacation on this day. Two trades nothing exciting.

12/30 TF Trades

Nice short to end the year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December ES Trades

12/7 ES Trades

Not many trades taken in the morning as the market never presented a short entry.  I suppose a short could have been taken pre-market and held through the open, but I typically do not look to hold positions into the open when trading overnight.  The first entry was around 10AM CST for a long @ 1242 which held the channel all the way to 1252.  Scales were made at 1245 and 1249 and the entire trade removed at 1250 with a break of the higher high pattern.  A short entry occurred at 1:30PM @ 1250.50 and was removed in full at 1246.

12/8 ES Trades

Not an exciting day for trading the ES.  One long entry taken for a 1.5 point loss.

12/9 ES Trades

Difficult day. Short taken early for a stop. Another short attempt for another stop. One final long made up for first two losses and put the ES trades slightly in the green for the day.

12/12 ES Trades

When a trend forms and runs and does not produce an entry it can lead to frustration and mistakes in trading.  In this particular situation, I wanted to get short in the morning but the market never provided an entry. Oh well. Next time. One long taken for small gains in the afternoon was only ES trade for the day.

12/13 ES Trades

Nice day today.  We were given a nice long in the morning. Another small long winner and then a great short entry in the afternoon.  The last order was taken at the channel instead of the dots with a wider stop.  I believe this is justified when the trend is strong enough.  Rather than a 6 tick stop, I have it a 10 tick and was looking for more profits.  The trade worked very well as the market continued to sell.  Scales occured at +4, +8, and +20.

12/14 ES Trades

Nice short in the AM. Quick stop on a long attempt. Another nice short in the afternoon. +10 on the day.

12/15 ES Trades

Just another day of picking away at small winners.  Quick long and then two short setups in the afternoon all for decent profit.

12/16 ES Trades

Quick short in the morning for a small winner.  A second trade in the afternoon for a small winner.  2 or 3 points on each trade.

12/19 ES Trades

A couple beauties today.  First trade of the day was a textbook short.  Shorted 1216.50 with scales at +4, +6.5, and +12.  This was followed by a long for a 3 point winner.  Another short end of day for a nice winner.  Really nice setups.

12/20 ES Trades 

Some days you watch the market move and you are not in it.  I used to chase days like this but through experience and losing $$. If the entry doesn't present itself, I just watch.  No trades other than scalping a couple longs for a couple points.  This was not a trend to fight.

12/21 ES Trades

Nice short in the morning.  Quick long for a few points. Ended the day with a beauty long.

12/22 ES Trades

Not too exciting.  Long for a few points followed by a break even short.

12/23 ES Trades

Christmas trading. Tried a short and took it off quick for a point.  That was all.

12/28 ES Trades

More boring trading. No short entry in the AM. Tried a long for a few tick loss. 

12/29 ES Trades

One nice long on the day.  That was the only trade.

12/30 ES Trades

Took a couple shorts for few points each.  Second short was more profitable in the close.